Toxic Smokes in Australia

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Question is what composes the smoke ?

Consequenty, which mask to choose of any ?

A look back at critical air pollution in Sydney and New South Wales

Since the beginning of the week, the blue mountains are burning in Australia.

The state of emergency has just been decreed by the government because of the extreme heat recorded yesterday. The whole medical profession alerts about air pollution. Emergencies recorded an increase for respiratory problems about 80% since Tuesday.

How are these fumes toxic?

The smoke is generated by the combustion, in this case wood. With fire and oxygen, the elements transform to create a set of gases and fine particles, mainly PM2.5 (Particulates Matters of less than 2.5 microns width).

These microscopic particles are thus present in very large quantities in the air and once inhaled, they  houses in the lungs creating inflammations or worse. Because of their size, they can even pass through blood vessels and disperse in the body where they are not expected, in the brains or muscles for example.

The body does not know how to eliminate them, so they remain in the body for life and disturb their functioning. It more or less depends on their quantity and the sensitivity of the person.

It is for these reasons that chimneys and cooking fumes are harmful and seriously degrade the quality of your indoor air which is (in usual conditions) 10 times more polluted than outdoor air!

This will be the subject of another article!

Which mask is effective against these fumes?

To be effective against these microscopic elements, a mask must adapt perfectly to your face and avoid any "leaks to the face" AND uses an effective filter against fine particles.

Our silicone mask assures a comfortable waterproof contact. Filtration is completed by a effective filter.

WAIR anti-pollution masks are patented for their waterproofness and they use filters stopping 92.8% of fines particles until 0,1 micron for optimum comfort and its enriched with activated carbon to stop gases.

They meet the EN1827 standard and are classified FMP1.

To be your best ally to fight against toxic fumes.

A 2 year warranty means it can serve you many times!

We hope we have convinced you to wear an effective mask if you are in the presence of strong smoke!

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