Our innovation

WAIR innovation

The quality of filtration of an anti-pollution mask depends on two elements: the tightness of the mask and the effectiveness of the filters used. Thanks to our reinforced structure and its flexible silicone outline, the mask adapts perfectly to the shape of each to create an optimal seal. At WAIR we have decided to take the time to innovate on these two aspects to offer you a high quality anti-pollution mask.

A morphological structure

We have designed a structure with a morphological outline in flexible silicone, capable of creating an optimal seal on all your faces and therefore guaranteeing that all the air you breathe actually passes through the filter. This innovative patented structure is made on a single size model and adapts to all types of faces as well as to the wearing of glasses.

The filtration

We have designed our own filter, composed of several layers, which filters allergens, bacteria, microparticles down to the finest (PM0.1µm) and odors. WAIR filters offer you a professional level anti-pollution mask, but suitable for urban and mobile practice. To maintain this optimum filtration efficiency, you must change your filter every month...

A fashion accessory

WAIR anti-pollution masks are real everyday fashion accessories! We have chosen to integrate this mask into a lifestyle accessory, available in several colors and patterns, which you can adapt to your everyday style. They are practical, light, in organic cotton, and Made in France!