Our commitments

WAIR is Made In France

WAIR was designed with experts from the region in textiles, design, air quality ... and thanks to numerous clusters such as Minalogic and support structures such as Novacité ou bien Rhône Développement Initiative . WAIR sources its textiles and straps, all in organic cotton or recycled and certified polyester GOTS or OEKOTEX still in the Rhône-Alpes region. They are then made up in a reinsertion workshop, an ESAT near Lyon. WAIR sources its filter media in Germany, they are transported by train (the least polluting means of delivery after the boat) and padded, cut and welded, always not far from Lyon. The WAIR ABS and silicone structure is the only part of the product made in China. Why ? Simply because the prices there are 40 times cheaper than in France and that with the price we decided to offer our customers to keep our products accessible, it was impossible for us to achieve a level of margin capable to keep our business alive. However, we chose a quality partner and visited the production site to ensure the good treatment of its employees. And we have since found a solution to relocate this production. WAIR will therefore soon be entirely made in France!

WAIR is Eco-Friendly

We protect you from air pollution and in all consistency, we pay attention to our environmental impact. Impact 0 is unreachable but to strive for it, for example we :

  • We use only local and Oekotex certified materials at least, GOTS at best, to minimize both the use of chemical and toxic substances and the transport necessary for the development of our products.
  • Guarantee our products to ensure their good quality and therefore the absence of the need to renew them too often.
  • Have recycled and recyclable packaging.
  • Let’s give priority to collaborative consumption methods for our trips.
  • We refuse to develop too many paper supports to promote our business.
  • Let’s participate in all awareness initiatives in favor of air quality.

We still have a long way to go to become a totally ecologically virtuous company. 

WAIR is socially committed

WAIR won in April 2015 the Switch Up Challenge by Cisco , dedicated to connected objects with social and environmental impact. Following this victory, we integrated the Sensecube, support structure for young shoots of l’SSE (Social and solidarity economy) from the AssociationMake Sense now known worldwide and with more than 100,000 volunteers and who supports structures such as WAIR. WAIR is therefore essentially endowed with an "ESS DNA" and this radiates in all our activities. It is therefore natural that one of our main manufacturing and logistics partners is an ESAT (Establishment and Services of Work Assistance) which gives work to people who would otherwise have been out of work. We visit them very regularly and are very proud to collaborate with them, they do a fantastic job.

WAIR takes action against pollution

WAIR participates in initiatives such as MaskBook ofArt Of Change 21 , collaborates with associations such as Respire and participates in events such as Les Respirations , La Marche Des Cobayes. But even more concretely, WAIR raises awareness of a major public health problem by making this invisible pollution visible.