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How does the WAIR filtration work?

The WAIR filtration is based on two key points: the filter, and the morphological structure. The combination of these two elements is the heart of our innovation and the guarantee of our anti-pollution masks efficiency.

Filters with proven efficiency, with a comfy breathing sensation

Our filter is made of several layers: a bactericide layer, and an electrostatic one. The active carbon catches gazes and smells. The bactericide layer stops the bacteria in the air. And the electrostatic filter catches the largest particles (dust ...), and the tiniest ones which can measure until 0.1μm (=PM0,1μm), as well as pollen. WAIR effectively filters 99% of pollution, including 92% of fine particules, allergens including pollen, bacteria and smells! 

Different levels : P1, P2, P3 

We talk about FFP for disposable masks and FMP for reusable masks. Levels P1, P2 and P3 do these two categories correspond to the same requirements. Levels vary depending on the Total Inward Leakage Rate and on the Penetration rate of the media-filter. Il means the fine particles % not being retained by the device. 

To develop these filters, WAIR worked with air quality experts. We chose a P1 filtration level, ensuring a good breathing comfort. Only disposable masks for professionals offer a P3 filtration level because breathing becomes difficult. Therefore the filtration level depends on the practice. For example, a construction worker using a P3 does not have the same requirements as a cyclist. The level of filtration is such that it would be very uncomfortable everyday to reuse it, especially during an effort (see bikes). Having a P3 mask means that the breathing effort is going to be very important. Thus, in the event of a leakage around the face, the unsealed mask represents a danger. Indeed the user will breathe harder, which will promotes the entry of fine particules.

On the other hand, we insure you a better comfort of breathing in urban area. A level of filtration P3 would significantly reduce your confort of breathing. We designed our mask for the two wheelers, so we didn't find it relevant. Indeed WAIR is : Efficient, Comfy and Design. 

Warning : the mention "FFP3 +" is a pure marketing invention ! 

Filter replacement

To keep this high filtration efficiency, you have to change your filter every month, whether you use it or not. The fabrics used are "active", so as long as they are in contact with the air, they start working and catching pollutants !

Why a month ?

1st reason : The efficiency curve of your filter decreases sharply after a month, because the layers constituting the filter deteriorate progressively in contact with polluants, and are not as effective.

2nd reason : In a highly polluted environment, the filter will saturate with pollutants and release them. it contains too many pollutants to stop them all. 

WAIR guarantees an efficient filtration only if you change your filters every month, starting at their opening date.

schema filtration

A patented morphological structure, made to maximize filtration, and which fits all faces

Sealing is the key for real efficiency. Even with the best filter in the world, if your structure isn't sealed, your filter is useless. The polluted air will pass through the leaks on your face, and not through the filter. This is why WAIR developed this special structure, so you have a perfect sealing on your face. So no leaks, and all the air goes through the filter. WAIR has a quarter-mask format that is much more compact than half-masks. Those take more space on the space. And yet, with a quarter mask, we guarantee an efficiency equal or superior to the half-masks !

Remember that WAIR brings you a very high filtration, combined with an excellent sealing, so it really works. 

schema structure filtration

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