What is the difference with a classic anti-pollution mask ?

WAIR has a morphological structure with a silicone contour to ensure the sealing on the face. The filter  is a multi-layer filter that captures the finest urban air pollution particle’s (up to PM0.1). The structure ensures that the air flow goes through the filter, not through face leaks like the other masks. Filtration efficiency is therefore real. All information is on our "Filtration" page. Beyond that, WAIR is designed as a lifestyle accessory, and can be worn easily, and protect you with style.

Is WAIR compatible with a motorcycle helmet ?

WAIR is compatible with Jet helmets (Open Face). If you have a full-face helmet, it will depend on the brand and model. The structure doesn’t pass in all the chin / foam, and depending on the size also.

Is WAIR compatible with a bike helmet ?

Yes, with all bike helmets (except full-face helmet).

It is said that anti-pollution mask do more harm than good on health ?

With a mask without sealing, yes. Indeed, if you breathe through a mask, there is some resistance that is created because of the filter. You do a greater effort to inspire. If there are leaks in the face, you will breathe deeply polluted air. On the other hand, if the structure is airtight like WAIR, the air will pass entirely through the filter, no leaks to the face. So the inspired air is clean.

Does the filter prevent breathing properly ?

The filter is designed for maximum breathability. An expiratory valve has been added to minimize condensation and improve comfort. Of course, the airflow is not the same as without an anti-pollution mask, but we make sure that it gets closer. 


What textile are the scarves made of ?

The WAIR necktube will be made of organic cotton, and the WAIR scarf with organic cotton voile. Both will be eco-certified.

How big are the scarves ?

The WAIR necktube is 35x54cm, and the WAIR scarf is 33x167cm.

Can we wash the scarves ?

Yes, the scarf is detachable from the structure. It is therefore possible to wash it individually (40 °). Hand washing is recommended.

Can we use another scarf for its structure ?

This is unfortunately not possible. You have to use a WAIR scarf on a WAIR structure, because it has a shape, a dimension and very specific fasteners that correspond to the structure.


How often should filters be changed ?

To maintain real efficiency, we recommend you to change your filters every month. 1 month is the reference period for someone who rides about 10km every day. 

What happens if I do not change the filter ?

If the filter is not changed regularly enough, it saturates with pollutants. When a filter saturates, it releases the pollutants already captured. Be careful, you don’t feel the released pollutants, but they are present. It would be a shame to ruin the beautiful work of protection carried out until now.

If I do not drive 10km a day, do I have to change my filter every month ?

Yes. The filter consists of active materials (coal, polypropylene) which degrade in contact with air. Beyond one month your efficiency curve decreases, and you will not be protected to the promised height.

What filters the filter ?

The WAIR filter stops the main pollutants from the air, allergens, odors and bacteria. That is to say: Fine particles (PM10, PM2.5 and PM0.1), heavy metals, pollutants in smaller quantities (nitrogen oxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide), allergens (pollen, grasses, mites, etc.).

Can we wash the filter ?

No. There is active coal inside, and washing it will nullify all its benefits.

Where to find spare filters ?

Filters are on sale on our website only.


Is the structure fit for my face ?

The structure is available in one size. It has been developed taking into account the different morphologies of faces possible. She goes to everyone.

What is the structure made of ?

The structure is rigid plastic. The contour in contact with your skin is silicone, to guarantee a pleasant sensation and a maximum efficiency. No latex.

What is the silicone contour for ?

The silicone contour ensures a pleasant touch on your face, and especially a seal keeping, so that all the breathed air passes through the filter.

Can we only wear the structure and the filter without a scarf ?

Yes it's possible but only with the scarf, and not the necktube. The scarf has an aesthetic and comfort role, but it has no connection with filtration. You are free to wear only the structure and the filter, with the scarf only, because you can take the straps appart.


Is there a sensor in the anti-pollution mask to power the app ?

No. Our application works by cross-referencing data. That is, our air quality measure partners (Breezometer) give us complex information about the air quality level in real time, and we turn it into a simplified index.

What are the features of the application ?

The app gives you an index of the air quality around you, in real time (thanks to your geolocation). You have the details about all the pollutants in the air and their effects. An icon indicates the presence of pollen or not, and another advises you to put your WAIR according to the conditions. The map gives you a visual overview of the pollution in France, and in your city. You will also receive an alert in case of critical air quality.

What index for what pollution ?

The higher the index, close to 100 (and the map is closer to green), the better the air quality.The lower the index, close to 0 (and the map is closer to red), the poorer the air quality.

Plus l’indice est bas, proche de 0 (et la carte se rapproche du rouge), plus la qualité de l’air est mauvaise.

In which city does the application work ?

The application works throughout Metropolitan France.

How much does the app cost ?

The app is free and available to everyone on the Play Store and AppStore.