WAIR joins forces with RESPIRE, the National Association for the Prevention and Improvement of Air Quality. Together we are committed to combating air pollution. You too act with us, by adhering to respire-asso.org.

RESPIRE is an association of citizens, dedicated to the improvement of the air quality. Founded in February 2011, it specializes in understanding the issues related to air pollution in France and Europe. These issues can be economic, social, political or even health. It builds on existing scientific and public data as well as regulations. The goal is to communicate, inform, develop technical tools and build advocacy. 

The association finances legal consultations, carried out by law firms on particular points. The donations of individuals (it is not expected to date that RESPIRE is funded by companies) are the sinews of the war, and the process of giving to complain is similar to class actionThe objective is to judicially claim rights that are impossible, given the economic constraints, to argue individually.


In January 2017,  RESPIRE and Ecologie Sans Frontière, another approved association for the environment protection, joined in an action against the French State. Their purpose was to accompany the victims of air pollution in their appeal to the administrative courts for damages suffered during a specific pollution incident. They lodged a complaint about the State's flawed deficiency. RESPIRE and Ecologie Sans Frontières have turned to a law firm thanks to some donations to pay the fees.

Our anti-pollution masks are a first step towards more breathable air. But but we aspire to have a bigger impact on air pollution. Thus, by being a partner of such an association, WAIR wishes to be able to act more for a better air quality. We move forward together through our common values. We work together on projects that allow us to act towards a defined goal : to allow citizens to breathe easier.