Who are we ?

At WAIR, we believe that assisting you, city dwellers, against air pollution is critical. We innovate to give to your daily wardrobe another meaning beside just clothing or fashion. Your environment has changed a lot lately; it is time for your clothes to take the same turn. WAIR's evolution is part of the FashionTech movement, which means innovation in fashion and the way you dress, in order to improve your lifestyle and well-being. Thanks to a young and motivated team, full of resources, in 2 years we have already accomplished huge work in terms of development and innovation.

We work with different partners to develop WAIR and offer you a technical and fashionable result : The air quality experts from the Airsur agency or the 123 Design agency. At WAIR we also believe that innovation has to be made in a responsible way. This is why our product is made in France, and made with eco-friendly fabrics. We tell you more on our commitments page here !

Beside this comfy breathing sensation, we have another mission : informing you about the risks and dangers from air pollution. Because preserving yourself from the pollution is good, but changing your daily habits is better. This is why we developed an informative app about air quality that informs you in real time about pollution around you. We don't have the power to reduce all the gas emissions yet, but we can make people understand the challenges! Small actions for big changes...long life to biking!

You want to be part of the trip? Tell us more about you in our recruitment section!