Discover the essential WAIR mask!

Our WAIR Essentiel pack is available! Do you only need the bare necessities to protect you from air pollution?
This is the product you need !

WAIR Essentiel or WAIR Classic ?

WAIR Essential protects you as much as our classic WAIR. The difference is simple : the presence of the textile. The classic WAIR anti-pollution mask allows you to be discreet on your bike or motorbike,
while being protected from the fine particles in town. Indeed, some of you have shared with us their opinion on our protection against pollution. The aesthetic appearance is a real advantage compared to what you can find on
the market. For some of you the fabric is unnecessary (we think of you sports fans!). So we created for you the WAIR Essential! A WAIR holding by itself thanks to its hanging straps. No need for the fabric to hold the WAIR. Until now the necktube's fabric was sewn on the straps to hold the mask in place on your face. We offer you the choice: WAIR Necktube, WAIR Scarf or a WAIR Essential.

Bare minimum for an anti-pollution mask

Regarding this WAIR Essential, you will find the bare essentials: a morphological structure, a filter,straps of hooks. We speak more exactly of a rigid structure accompanied by a morphological contour in silicone. The silicone allows an incomparable comfort on the nose, and especially a perfect sealing. Wearing the mask is much more pleasant and comfortable thanks to the silicone. All the air you breathe passes through the filter.

Filter WAIR

Our filter is composed of several layers: a bactericidal layer, and an electrostatic layer. Activated carbon absorbs gases and odors. The bactericidal filter stops the bacteria contained in the air. Finally, the electrostatic filter captures large particles (dust ...), the finest particles up to 0.1μm (= PM0.1μm) and pollen. WAIR effectively filters 99% of pollution, including 92% of fine particles, allergens including pollen, bacteria and odors !

So do not hesitate and enjoy our WAIR Essential pack as effective as our WAIR Classic !

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